Stay tight when the earth shakes!


1. Build your 5 member team
2. Design your multi-story building
3. Apply to the competition with your project by 16 th February latest
4. Send your model package until 5 May
5. Be the best
6. Win!

Organized by DASK, the third consecutive Earthquake Resistant Building Design Competition has started! With this competition, DASK aims to increase earthquake awareness and develop earthquake resistant building design skills for all university students, particularly including the civil engineer candidates.

The competition is consisted of three stages:

•    In the first stage, the building projects designed according to the Project Preliminary Specification will be assessed and subjected to a pre-screening.
•    In the second stage, the building projects succeeded in the pre-screening process will be converted into building models according to the Technical Specification with the materials sent by DASK (balsa lath and panels).
•    And in the last stage, the conformity of the building models to the specification and their performances on the shaking table simulating an earthquake will be assessed at the grand final of the competition in Istanbul.

In addition to the performance on the shaking table, the technical, economical and aesthetic properties of the building model will have an impact on the score of the teams.

•    Criteria such as the earthquake performance level (level of shake felt and lowness of structural damage) for the technical score;
•    Weight (amount of materials) and total floor area of the building model for the economical score; and
•    Its architecture and marketing strategy (poster and presentation) for the aesthetic score will be taken into account

The winner of the competition will be the team constructing the highest earthquake resistant building model and also obtaining the highest total annual earning.

Please do not forget to download the Technical Preliminary Specification for detailed information and application conditions related to the competition!

Creating a tremendous influence in Turkey and the world with its concept and mechanism, DASK Earthquake Resistant Building Design Competition has received prestigious awards both in the national and international arena.

DASK Earthquake Resistant Building Design Competition is the Turkey version of the Seismic Design Competition organized by the Student Leadership Council (SCL) of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) in the USA since 2003.

Important Dates

Deadline for project applications: 16 February 2018
The announcement of selected teams, delivery of model supplies and the announcement of Technical Specification: 5 March 2018
The delivery of performance estimations and each floor areas in Excel file format: 30 April 2018 
Deadline for building models’ delivery through cargo: 5 May 2018
Grand Final: 6-8 May 2018
The Award Ceremony: 8 May 2018